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custom-made by lulamae

The perfect card box for the perfect day! This beautiful & personalised wedding card box will catch your guests attention and make it easy for them to drop their red envelopes in. Our wedding card box is tailor-designed for Hong Kong brides and grooms. It has two slots and separated compartments to collect and sort the red envelopes from his and her side of family and friends. 


After the wedding, you may use this box as a keepsake box to store special items from your big day, or to store money to make more dreams come true together!


- Materials: mirror acrylic

- Size: 29cm x 22cm x 22cm (or single slot box 29cm x 29 cm x 29 cm)

- Your choice of colour: Gold/Silver/Rose Gold (as pictured)

- Personalized wordings to be engraved on the box

- Comes with lock and key

*Production lead time: 3 to 4 weeks upon confirmation of design

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